Sunday, November 3, 2013

Apple Picking

So my small group had been talking about possibly going apple picking since early October and the weekend finally arrived that most people had said they could make it. Those of us who could go decided to meet at the church at 9 on Saturday. 

Saturday rolled around and we all arrived... and then waited, mainly because we thought more people were coming. Finally we left at about 9:45 and hit the road. Since it was just four of us I offered to drive (cuz I'm so nice) actually because I have a weird thing about liking to drive when going on group outings: see control issues in the dictionary ;) and off we went!

It was myself, Emily, Josh and Rolin. It ended up being pretty fun to be such a small group simply because we were really able to all engage in the same conversations and get to know one another a little better. Had it been much larger in the number of people who came, we definitely would have been split between cars for the driving time and then probably gone off in groups once we got there so even though it would have been wonderful if more people had made it, I think it worked out well despite that.

Emily and I had both been to Carter's Mountain before but for Josh and Rolin, this was their 1st time so it was fun to show them a new part of Virginia. Fortunately there was still some color to the trees up in Charlottesville and the whole drive up and back was really pretty with all the trees along the highway.

Once we got there and got directions to where the different apples were we set off and quickly discovered that all the good apples were out of reach, even for our taller guy friends. Fortunately, Josh came up with a solution and Rolin accepted the challenge. 
 Sorry Rolin, I know I said I wouldn't take pictures but the opportunity was too good to pass up!
Yay for having brought along two tall and strong guy friends! We got all the good apples!
We all decided next time we should just find a small child who likes climbing trees to bring with us like this kid who was way up there filling her families bags full. 

 After a juggling show from the guys, we climbed up a rather large hill to get to the Fuji apples (ridiculous only because the signs really made it seem like it was just around the turn) but was actually a bit of a hike. It was worth it though for these views!
I'm just now realizing that I failed to get a photo of myself and/or Emily facing the camera, well I did get a photo of Emily but on my film camera. I really need to be better about forgetting to be in pictures. Oh well!
After some cider and apple cider donuts we went into Charlottesville for lunch and then home. It was the perfect day/weather for a road trip and it was quite a fun road trip we had! Hopefully next time our small group plans one, a few more of our friends will be inclined to join us after seeing all the fun they missed out on! ;)