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Welcome to my Recipe page! I am a home cook. Formally trained at the elbows of my Aunts, Nana and Grandmother, Mom and Dad, I LOVE to cook!

I started cooking and helping out my mom in the kitchen when I was 4. The whole cooking thing really took off though when I was in highshcool. I found cooking to be a stress reliever from the idiotic high school drama and extra challenging advanced curriculum I was taking. High school is really when I came into my own in the kitchen and started developing a natural instinctual way of cooking much like how my Dad and his sisters cook that rarely uses recipes. I've been cooking ever since, catering many parties for family and friends, feeding my homesick friends back in college, as well as cooked most of the dinners for my family (except when I was away at college).

I'm normally not one to write a recipe down when I make something new because I'll remember it in my head for next time, but since I am a foodie at heart and also love taking pictures I've decided writing down recipe's and blogging about them is not only a great way to make sure I don't forget them but also a great way to share with all those friends who have asked and gotten my unhelpful "I just made it up" response! I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to ask any questions or clarifications on any recipe! I am happy to help!

Cauliflower Pizza Crust- GF, WF, VO
30 Minute Chicken Fajita Salad GF, WF, DF, VO
Slow Carb Spaghetti! Yum Yum! GF, WF, DF, VO
Spaghetti Squash with Bacon and Swiss Chard GF, WF, DF, VO
Rainy Day Chili GF, WF, DF, VO
Cauliflower Alfredo GF, WF, DF, VO
Coconut Tilapia and Stuffed Bell Peppers GF, WF, DF, VO

Baked Strawberry Pie with Gluten Free Crust! GF, DF

Symbol Key:
GF = Gluten Free
WF = Wheat/Grain Free
DF = Dairy Free
VO = Vegetarian Optional

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