Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ruby Juice: A Juice Recipe

So I started a juice fast on July 4th. Yes. The day of hot dogs, hamburgers and in general as much cookout food as you can eat. That is the day I chose to start my juice fast journey.
It really wasn't to rub it in on myself that I could only drink juice.. it just happened that it was a 4 day weekend and since sometimes there can be, ahem ::cleaning out:: if you catch my drift that occurs in the 1st few days of a juice fast as your body rids itself of your last few solid meals and toxins. So, I figured it would be better to start it while I could be home for a few days. 

So far I have lost 8 lbs and 1 1/2 inches around my hips and around my waist. But really I am doing this to start a new habit of healthy lifestyle and it starts with food. The weight loss is definitely a bonus, but I am trying very hard not to let it be my motivator. 

Anyway, since I'm not cooking and making up recipes as I usually do, juicing has become a whole new test kitchen for recipes. I have definitely made a few gag worthy concoctions but I am learning and getting better as I go. I also just have to say that juice Kale will just never be appetizing to me and I will always taste it no matter what I juice over it to try to hide it... I still juice it though. 

Ok, enough banter. You wanted to see a recipe! I made this the other morning with just 3 ingredients and it was so pretty to look and and super scrumptious to feast on! All day I kept thinking of it as Ruby Juice because of its pretty Ruby Red/Pink color so that is what it shall be called!

Ruby Juice:
1/2 a medium or 1/3 a large watermelon (pink flesh only, seeds don't matter)
1/2 cantaloupe (rind removed)
2 blood Oranges

1 Juicer! Use the low setting and watch your level, my juice pitcher actually overflowed a bit. 
Stir and enjoy! I personally like my juice nice and cold so when its just made I pour it over ice, otherwise keep you extra in the fridge for 2nd when you get hungry again! :)

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  1. You go girl! :) Real food is the best and you are amazing!