Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dreaming of an Adirondack Summer!

I really can't believe I'm saying this... because I NEVER say this.. because Autumn/Winter is my favorite time of year... but I'm dreaming of summer. To be specific, I'm dreaming of an Adirondack summer. 

My mom's family is from upstate New York and they grew up going camping in the Adirondack mountains up until my grandparents bought property and my Poppy and uncles built a nice little cottage on it. 

That's where my mom and her brothers spent their summers. Its where my Dad came to visit my mom during summer breaks when they dated in college and even helped in the building on of the addition that was added. Its where my brother and I spent 2 weeks of most of our childhood summers. 

I have always been in love with this place. These deep loamy woods, fallen trees covered in springy green moss, crystal clear glacial lakes and mountain streams running over granite and garnet rich rocks is a place I dream of when I'm not there. Its my go to place when I meditate. 

I've never liked summer, its too hot, too humid, too sticky. But up in the mountains, its bearable. With cool dewy mornings and fresh crisp mountain air. 

Its also my favorite place to take photographs. I love the dappled filtered light that falls in the forest. Maybe its because I didn't get to make it up there this year.. so the last time I went was 2011, but I have been dreaming about this beloved summer home all winter!

2013 will definitely see me there, hopefully for both some summer days and back again for autumn... which is my absolute favorite season and these mountains come aflame with colors!

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