Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Weekend Visit!

So we had some last minute and oh so welcomed guests this weekend! My cousin (who is basically my big sister) and her husband came down with their adorable babies, my niece and nephew. Us cousins are all pretty close and 3 of the 12 of us are only children, so we all refer to each other's children (those who have had children) as nieces and nephews and are like-wise Aunts and Uncles to them.

This is the 1st weekend the weather and our pool have been nice enough to use and we had a lot of fun playing with the cute kiddos and just having some relaxing family time. Reminiscing about the old days when our Nana and Grandfather were still alive and we had a central meeting location in Towson, Md to have big family get togethers where as many as all 12 of us cousins would play together in their big back yard pool with our aunts and uncles. My dad is the middle and R's mom is the oldest of 7 children.

 These are before all of us were born... circa 1989-1990 probably!
 That's me in the middle of above & below photos.
And this would have been 1994 maybe.

Its really nice to be able to continue that tradition even though we don't have that beloved warm grandparent home to go to anymore. 

 Call me biased, I don't care. This little girl is one of the most beautiful little darlings I've ever seen! Look at those delicate curls and long eyelashes!

 And don't even get me started on my nephew! What a handsome little heart breaker!

 My parents love kids, but my Dad in particular is so great with them! While I had the pleasure (and occasional embarrassment) of getting to have him full time as my Dad, I know all of my cousins on both sides of my families loved him as an uncle! He is so good with kids! And just like his Dad, my Grandfather, he just loves babies :)
 I love that crab on C's bum, his matching shirt read "PINCH ME! I'm cute!"

Hopefully there will be many more weekends like this with these sweet babies! But for now we are just savoring how fun it was to have them this weekend! :)

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