Saturday, April 20, 2013

Party Up In Here!

Ok so actually neither of the people who's birthday party we'd be celebrating are here. But I'm just gonna pretend there is a party happening anyway! 
My family has two birthday months... January for myself and my Dad and April for my mom and brother. April 19th for my mom and April 20th for my brother! 

Strangely enough neither one will be home on their birthdays because my mom is on a women's church retreat and my brother had tryouts for next years cheerleading team up at JMU if he decided to stay up there after graduating in a few weeks. They'll both be home tomorrow though, so we'll just be celebrating a little belatedly. 

But I'm gonna celebrate them now, here! 

So Happy Birthday Mom and Phillip! I love you both sooooo much and can't wait to celebrate tomorrow with you! 

 My mom will probably hate that I'm posting these photos but I just think she is so darn cute!
This is with my Great Great Nana Coco and Great Nana Mary. 

 My parents on their wedding day... no wonder Phillip and I are so dang attractive!

 Me and mom... circa 1998 and present day... clearly I've shot up a few inches on her in the past 15 years :)
Looking good mom! I love all the fun adventures we go on together as mother and daughter! 

And then there's that brother of mine...
 Look at those cheeks! Perfect for pinching!
 Hello 90's... hello Denim OVERLOAD! We pulled it off well though.

 Always the goof ball... as pictured above with our cousins and below with Dad... clearly its a Hollji gene ;)

Can you believe the picture above and the one below are just 1 and 1/2 years difference!? He just keeps getting more and more muscular and more and more handsome! 
Love you Phill-bop! Thanks for making me laugh all the time, for being the best brother ever and for acting the protective "older" brother when needed... its two in one.. except I still get to claim being oldest! ;)

Happy Birthday to my amazing and beautiful Mommy and my charming and handsome younger brother... I may be a bit biased but really, they're the best!


  1. Beautifully said my dear niece! I loved looking at this pics, especially the ones from the past as I remember you all "back then"!

    1. Aww, thanks Aunt Cheryl! Yep, we had some fun times growing up and lots of memories of fun family visits!

  2. sorry spelling error - THESE pics.