Thursday, September 12, 2013


Woah! It has been too long, that seems to be what I always say when starting a blog post but really, life has just been hectic. It has however been wonderful! There just hasn't been as much time for blogging lately as I'd like and other priorities have taken precedence. 

I'm going camping this weekend! Off to the river to run the Dad/son and Dad/daughter program I coordinate and play with a bunch of kids! While I have been stressed all week, I will admit, I am excited to finally get to see what makes this program so magical to all the families who sign up to be involved every year! Last weekend we had our big Family Fun Day to kick off the program and I had the pleasure of painting puppies, butterflies and pirate flags on a bunch of kiddo's faces! They were so cute! So even more so, I'm excited to see what a full on weekend with camping out will be like!

In the mean time though, camping makes me think of my favorite place... the Adirondacks and so, a few more photos from my quick trip to the families cottage earlier this summer!

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