Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Aunt's Home Cooking!

So when I was in St. Pete Florida this past May I was able to go visit my Aunt and Uncle in Tampa. My Gram and I went over for dinner and it had been wow, probably 6 years since the last time I'd been to their house. My Aunt Wei is Chinese and cooks  DELICIOUS food! This time she was just getting started when we arrived so I got to help her in the kitchen a bit!

 I love how crisp vegetable are when they are cooked in a wok. Aunt Wei had these super long Chinese green beans that she stir fried and then in a rice noodle dish she had some kind of squash that looked like a cross between a zuccini and a melon. 
 Teeny tiny shrimp for flavor and some kind of chewy black vegetable rehydrating. Yum!

 I primarly helped by putting the shrimp on the skewers with pineapple and par cooked onions & peppers. 
There was SO MUCH FOOD! Grilled Salmon, Tuna and Swordfish, the shrimp skewers, stir fried green beans, the rice noodles with squash and a roast duck that they had picked up!
 It was a serious FEAST! And more importantly it was a really fun evening spent catching up with family. My cousin Jeannie got married last year and I wasn't able to make it to the wedding so it was great to see her and get to meet her new and very entertaining husband Kiki. 
They also brought dessert and were so sweet to find me a gluten free vegan treat at Whole Foods so I didn't feel left out! 

Hmm, I think I need to get down to Florida to visit this side of the family more often because it was so much fun seeing everyone!

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