Friday, August 30, 2013

That One Time, When We Gave John The Camera...

So on of my dearest friends Sadie stopped in town yesterday! I fortunately had the ability to finish my work up early that day and spent the afternoon with her and her fella John! We went to Chipotle for Lunch and caught up on many subjects with much silliness involved and then came home and chilled by watching a movie before dinner.... notice how there is a theme when I have guests... food/cooking for said guests! :) 

Anyway, after a nice naptime... after all, they had driven staright through the night all the way from Little Rock!!! we went out in my back yard for some obligatory "we never see each other and need to take pictures" session where we had a little mini couple shoot ...

...and then gave John the camera and attempted to have a friends shoot! Which, eventually we got a few good shots out of ;) As John rolled his eyes at our mutual photography obsession! Tehe!

As Sadie and John said.. now its my turn! Hopefully I'll be able to make it out for a visit to Arkansas sometime in December! 

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