Thursday, January 31, 2013


 Funny story about how Emily and I know each other. Its almost like it was predestined! Back in the day when I was a freshman in highschool and Emily an 8th grader in middle school, the county we both live in started up a girls club lacrosse team. My family having come from a long line of lacrosse players most recently my dad, uncles one of my aunts and several of my male cousins, I immediately wanted to try my hand at the family sport of choice. Emily also saw the flyers for the new club lacrosse and we both ended up both joining it. However since we went to different schools in different districts we only ever saw each other at practice and after the 1st season, the high school Emily went to started its own team, while I continued to play all for years of high school on the club team as my high school didn't have one.

 Fast forward 9 1/2 years.. I was leading a women's bible study at church in fall 2011and Emily was there one night during her holiday break. After eyeing each other the whole evening both feeling the other looked familiar we finally asked one another and figured out we had played lacrosse together. Even more cool is that we ended up attending the same college, which I had graduated from in 2010  and which Emily was in her junior year at and guess what! She was studing Studio Art just like I did!

Small world right! Anyway, we quickly found we had a lot in common both from our relationship with God to our college major and interests. Since then we've become pretty good friends, always trying to meet up whenever one of us is in Richmond or Fredericksburg. I honestly can't express how grateful I am that God provided a friend locally who is both a sister and encourager in Christ and has a similar slightly off and very creative way of seeing the world. I have been blessed by Emily's friendship and the many conversations we have had! 
I took these photos the last time we hung out! Isn't she just gorgeous!

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