Friday, January 25, 2013

My Ultimate Birthday Wish List

So I turn 25 tomorrow and my parents have been asking me all month what I'd like for my birthday. I honestly haven't been able to tell them anything. It did however give me the idea to do a fun post of my ultimate birthday wish list!
It's not that in reality I don't want anything, there are plenty of things I could find that I want, but as I've gotten older and a little more mature I've learned that often the things I want end up forgotten in a closet somewhere when I actually get them. I prefer to narrow down my wants to things I actually need and I just really don't feel that I truly NEED anything right now. 
Maybe its that I have a hard time feeling I deserve a gift, if so then maybe I need to go to a therapist. I don't think thats it though because I love getting gifts!  But in a world that is so focused on the newest shiniest thing, I try to live my life a little less attached to that materialism and more focused on necessity.
The truth is I am very blessed to have a warm home, loving family, great friends and be finding my way into a creative entrepreneurial career I've always wanted to have. 

That being said, I still like to peruse Pinterest and a few other favorite spots and certainly see lots of things I want, even thought non of them are necessity. I thought I'd share 25 things I wish I could have with all of you! Since I'm turning 25 this birthday and all :) 

My 25th Birthday Ultimate Wish List:

 1. This Elephant Ring from MichelleChangJewelry on Etsy in a size 11, or maybe a size 8 for my pinkie instead.

2. This iPhone lens attachment by Photojojo cuz how awesome is that! And I take as many photos on my iPhone as I do with my SLR.

3. Mixer decals for my black Kitchen Aid by
4. A pair of Ray-ban Aviator Sunglasses! Cuz who needs those heavy plastic and very hipster Wayfarers when you can have a classic and look like you just walked off the set of Top Gun! 

 5. A gift card to Chipotle, preferable $50 or $100... clearly I have a problem! Their salads are just so delicious and gluten free!

6. This itty bitty Elephant cookie cutter by DIYSweetSupplyCo
7. Foster an orphaned Elephant for a year through The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

8. An antique or vintage wrought iron bed frame like one of the above. Laura Ashley Somerset Bed

9. A week long vacation on Prince Edward Island here at The Village Pottery- House Rental but really.. this actually does need to happen!

10. A Shimpo VL Whisper throwing wheel. What can I say, I'm a girl who loves getting muddy!

11. A floor loom for weaving. Preferably Leclerc or Schact brand. 

12. An English Angora Rabbit.. or 3. For pets and yarn production.

13. This chair from Graham and Green

  15. Nikkor 50mm 1.4G AF-S Lens for my Nikon. Now I could just as easily and for a lot cheaper get the 1.8 which is half the price, and thats probably closer to a need if its that one but since this is my Wish List and won't actually be getting this, I'm going for the big boy! 

16. If money were no object and I already had all the lenses I want, then I'd also want this baby! A Nikon D7000 but since I know that as a photographer you put your money in lenses and not camera bodies, I can most def live without. Unless I were to win it! 

17. A BW-22L Banding Wheel by Shimpo for pottery. 

18. This cute nautical scarf from shabby apple! In fact my friend Leney over at A Girl Named Leney is doing a $50 shabbyapple Giveaway!

19. Seasons 1-3 of Downton Abbey!

20. A complete set of Prismacolor Markers and Colored Pencils. 
21. This leather camera bag/ satchel by LeftOverStudio on Etsy.
22. A pair of Black or Gray Canvas Toms.. to paint on ;) 

23. Some chunky Alpaca yarn from Purl Soho.

24. Some new red lipstick by M.A.C in Russian Red.

25. A Tiny House for exploration and travel!

So there you have it! Since it was my Ultimate Wish List.. I decided money was no object as you can clearly tell by some of the things I wish for, but there are some super reasonable things on the list too. See anything you want to add to your wish list now? Or do you have something you would really love but know just isn't necessary? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!


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