Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hair Dayz

This is a random post, I have a few other in the works but still have more editing to do on the photos... and photos to take! :) So I thought I'd just do a quick and fun little look at some of my favorite hairstyles I like to wear. I mostly just wear it down in its natural state of curly or up in a messy bun so its out of my face and any equipment in the studio.. but occasionally I get my creative on!

My hair is pretty long.. past my shoulder blades.. but hopefully getting longer and I'm torn about getting it cut- as to whether I just want a trim or to chop off 5 or 6 inches! I've been growing it out from an over cut a few about 2 and 1/2 years ago so I'm not sure if I want to have to spend that much time growing it out again if I cut it.. cuz mah hurr grows supa slooooow!

Ok.. well now that I have a bunch of pictures of myself up.. I'm feeling a bit like I look super narcissistic... which I'm really not! These photos are from over a 2 1/2 year period.. so no. I'm not one of this people who snaps a photo of them self ehverry day! Just now and then.. mainly when I'm feeling good about myself or think I'm having a good hair day :)   

Clearly go to styles are side braid (my hair is long enough to do a nice fishtail now), messy bun/knot + accessory like a headband, or down however it naturally dried after a shower.. which is always curly. Occasionally I'll blow it out and curl it with a hot iron.. but its so much work I usually only do that if I'm going out for a special occasion.

 How bout you? Do you have any go to styles? Send me your hairstyle pics and I'll add them to the post to show what some of your go to styles are!

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