Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Digging Pits On Vacation...

Hey friends! Life has been super hectic the past few weeks, my apologies for not blogging! I'm finally getting some me time and on vacation for a week and trust me, there is a whole lotta blog worthiness where I am! And amazingly we have wifi this year! 

So, even though its vacation, I am doing some good old fashioned hard work around my families cottage by re-digging the fire pit for my Grandmother. This is how it looked before and then during my "renovation"... more like excavation!
I will totally admit that re-digging the pit is partially selfish so that I can get a few good work outs in while on vacation and so that I can give pit firing a try. But I also know that its is something my Grandma has wanted done for a few years but was one of those projects that by the end of summer still hadn't been gotten to. So its a win win.

 I've brought my cute little brent wheel with me and have been throwing some pots that are now drying.

  Its very likely that all of the pots I've made will die a fiery explosive death because using open flame, or even hot coals is a much more volatile exposure to heat than in a kiln but hey, the 1st ceramic artist never got anywhere by being afraid of losing a few pots in order to try something new! 
 But some of the pots I threw today are really cute so I photographed them pre-firing to keep them in mind for some future pattern ideas incase they don't make it.

 Before I put the in the fire to pit fire, they need to be completely dry. So they hung out by the fire today.

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