Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter Dinner

I know this is a bit late but oh well! We had a very casual Easter dinner this year as it was just me and my parents. My brother was away at college.

Deviled eggs were the one thing I requested because I love them and well, we always have them on Easter! These ones were soo good! 
 In years past we have definitely done the whole spread but non of us felt like cooking or eating a huge meal this year. Also, I don't particularly like turkey or spiral ham, they both tend to make me sick. So instead we just bought a nice pork tenderloin which I marinated. My dad then grilled it. 

I also cooked a recipe my Dad had found on a food blog all about passover dishes. They're called bird nests and were pretty simple to make. Its basically grated potatoes (the nest) with spinach and a bit of egg baked inside. 

It may look like a rather meager meal but it was very yummy and just hit the spot! Non of us felt stuffed  and we all had room for a nice store bought custard/ fruit pie. 

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