Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello from Florida!

Just stopping in to say a quick Hello from beautiful St. Augustine! I haven't been to the beach yet but have a sunrise photo shoot in the near future planned! 

There are so many beautiful fountains in this city! I love it! 

Today I visited the touristy area of St. Augustine with my Aunt Hanna today walking through the shops on St. George Street and had a super delicious salad called the 1905 at Columbiana... it was soo good! 

 Got to see the oldest wood school house in the U.S. ... we didn't go inside but I snapped a picture anyway. I was totally diggin the old weathered wood... can you say DIY project! ;) Haha!
 There are so many lovely plants here. Since its more tropical I am seeing a lot of things that I don't normally see in Va. Snapped a photo of these pretty pink Coleus for my mom! They'd look pretty in her garden back home! 

And lastly another beautiful fountain outside the Columbiana where we ate. 

Well that's all for now! 

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