Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Weekend with a Baby Bunny

Have I mentioned I had a brief visit from a little white baby bunny two weekends ago? We seriously had a baby Easter bunny on Easter! 

Beacause the bunny was only 8 weeks old we still couldn't tell the gender but for the purpose of this post I am going to refer to bunny as a her/she from now on. Had we had her long enough to discover her true gender she would have been named Scarlett if a girl and Percy if a boy. 

I acquired this cute little bundle at the Fiber Festival where one of the other vendors had brought an 8 week old liter of New Zealand white rabbits with their mum to find new homes. 
I had been wanting to get a bunny for about a year now so after holding this little bit for a while I caved and got her... even my mom was smitten with her. She'd had rabbits just like this growing up. 

So after the Fiber Festival we packed up to go home taking Scarlett the bunny with us. We cleaned out the pet carrier we had at home and I made her a nice cozy home until I found a larger cage for her. In the mean time there was lots of hopping around the family room and investigation between her and my yorkie Fritz. 

Fritz was actually really good with her and would stop to check her out every so often with some sniffing. 

There was even some cuddling.

The plan was actually for her to become a member of the family but unfortunately after about 36 hours, it was clear I was allergic to the cute little fluff. 
Fortunately, after calling and explaining, her breeder, the very kind owner of The Local Agrarian, understood my predicament and took her back to find her a home where her family wouldn't be sneezing around her! So Scarlett left but not before we'd had a very enjoyable Easter weekend with her! 

I hope you found a wonderful forever home Scarlett the Bunny!

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