Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Visual Pick Me Ups

Since about January I've been really getting into keeping fresh flowers in more places around the house.  Pretty much my entire life I can remember fresh flowers on the kitchen table in our house. My mom has always been really good about it and its something she likes to have around to brighten up a space. 

My go to flowers, probably because they are my mom's favorite are carnations. These pretty flowers get overlooked a lot for the more exotic and romantic flowers like lilies and roses so they are always really reasonably priced at the market and they actually last way longer than most other flowers. If we get a brand new just cut bouquet ours can last 2-3 weeks! They also have a nice sweet fragrance and come in so many both natural and now altered artificially colors. 

I just find its nice to wake up every morning and see some bright color on my bathroom vanity to greet me each day. And through out the day as I may pass by where I've started putting out little vases its like a visual pick me up every time!
A cheery silent Hello!
One of my favorite flowers, though they don't last nearly as long are tulips. I just love how they look. 
We have a local grocery store that puts out discount bouquets twice a week right after their shipments of fresh flowers come in and 8 times out of 10 the discounted ones looks brand new and haven't even bloomed. Sometimes it takes a bit of looking through whats available to find the most closed buds but for $5 a week to have lovely fresh flowers its worth it! And it gives me the opportunity to have something different depending on what's in their inventory. 
So getting baby roses doesn't feel as frivolous when you didn't drop a big wad of $ for them! And these actually lasted a good two weeks. 

The other thing, now that spring is here and things are beginning to bloom is just getting cuttings from my mom's garden! That I think is the best way to have fresh flowers!

We have these beautiful camellia bushes that are actually from my Great Grand Mother Dorothy's garden! My grandmother brought down a portion still with roots and all years ago and they have been replanted at each home we've lived in! There are a few other plants in our garden that came originally from upstate NY and her garden as well! The camellia's grow these big fat pink blossoms.

The bushes get weighed down by them because there are so many and they are quite heavy. So I helped them out and cut off quite a few to brighten up inside. A lot of the blossoms fall off so I gathered the best ones up from beneath the bushes and placed them in a bowl with water and VOILA! A whole 'nother way to display flowers! 

The one other reason I enjoy keeping fresh flowers around is it gives me the opportunity to use some of the vases and apothecary bottles I've collected over the years and to use some of the ceramic one's I've made! Like the bowl above and the bud vase below!

Do you like keeping fresh flowers about the house? Have any favorites?

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