Friday, April 19, 2013

Lynchburg Part 3: My Favorite Salvage Shop & The Stained Glass Shop on the 3rd Floor

There is a shop in Lynchburg... I never catch the name when I'm there, that has a stairwell far in the back. When you climb up those stairs you enter a world of salvaged beauty.  2 stories of great big rooms full of all things old and lovely and saved from homes that were going to be demolished or remodeled or who knows what else. 

 Big beautiful Mantels, some with mirrors, some mahogany. 
 Hundreds of doors. Solids door, doors with windows, screened doors. Doors with brass knobs, doors with glass knobs. 

 Wrought iron gates, wrought iron fencing, wrought iron grates. 
Also to be found are gorgeous old enamel stoves that need some fixing up, porcelain sinks and claw footed iron tubs. 

 And windows. Church windows with stained glass and arched shapes. Windows with chipped paint and unknown fates. 
 And at the very tippy top of this building, just around the corner from the 2nd flight of stairs to the 3rd floor is a teeny tiny studio that smells of cigarette smoke and not enough air. Slightly hazy. And full of stained glass. In this tiny shop is a friendly and slightly eccentric fellow who makes beautiful stained glass windows and custom pieces. 

 He always seems delighted to have guests and to show them around and let them see what he is working on.

This shop is my favorite place in Lynchburg. So far I've never bought anything while here.. but I love coming back every time to see whats new and imagine, just for a little while, all the ways I could revive and use these beautiful old forgotten things and have a chat with the stained glass maker. 

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