Saturday, April 27, 2013

Off On An Adventure!

Hey friends! I'm off for my 1st road trip adventure of the 3 I promised myself I'd do this year! So its some fun in the sun to the white sandy beaches of St. Augustine for a few weeks! Along with a mini visit within that trip to St. Petersburg! 

 I have to be honest, I'm actually not at all looking forward to the hot Floridian weather... or the bright sun. Ha! What can I say, I would always rather be cold and I avoid the sun because I have such light skin that I burn very fast (no skin cancer for me thanks!) but I am VERY MUCH looking forward to spending time with my Aunt Hanna and exploring the beautiful old city of St. Augustine and all the art and culture it has to offer! As well as some early morning walks on the beach!
 Seriously! I'm giddy about all the photo opps there are sure to be! 

And I'm also looking forward to visiting my Grandmother in St. Pete and hitting up all the art galleries and shops in the Tampa and St. Pete area! The Don Cesar Hotel- pictured below is across the bay from her condo which is on the 9th floor so it has gorgeous views! You can see it as a small pink blob... or look through the telescope and see it pretty well!
Any way, I just wanted to let you know my blogging may be rather irregular and laid back... I'll be in the vacation mindset! But also getting lots of material for when I get back! 


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