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I've been obsessed with Vikings since I was about 8... and now I'm really loving the History channels new show called well "Vikings".

 I actually was really skeptical about the show when I saw the previews because I consider myself a bit of a history buff on them and they are always so inaccurately portrayed in movies and tv shows. Vikings are my ancestors and I have always been fascinated by them and their history. I own several books on my ancestors Erik the Red and Leif Erikson as well as several books full of Viking Sagas- all of which I have read.  I even took several courses in college on Norse mythology even though it had nothing to do with my major. I just love learning about my ancestors and their faith and mythology.  I'm one of those people who when they find something they're interested in, really like to dive in and find out all the factual information that I can. If there is one random fact my friends know about me.. its that my ancestors were Vikings. 

Anyway, I really anticipated this show to be another glamorized knock off full of inaccuracies about the Vikings... i.e. more horned helmets. No, they did not wear horned helmets. 
But I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the show historically. Everything from the close family bonds to Ragnor's almost obsessive concern about Oden's influence in his life. And hey, I'll be honest, getting to watch some attractive blue eyed bearded men get all Viking warrior doesn't make it hard to enjoy the show either. 

The other thing I'm loving about this show is the Viking/Celtic artwork on everything from amulets worn by the actors to weapons and their ships. It's giving me all kinds of ideas for a Viking inspired series of pottery!

Here's the 1st completed piece I've made that was inspired by the Vikings love of their ships and the sea. Its a bonsai or succulent planter.

Do you ever get inspired by what you see on tv or in your favorite magazines? How do you tie it into your work?

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