Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Let's Get Naked" My 1st Craft Show!

So two weekends ago I had my 1st show as a vendor with a booth selling my wares to the general public and not just family and friends!

It was all thanks to a new friend I'd made named Carol. She owns an alpaca farm and I called her one day back in January and asked if I could come visit... you can read about it here.

Since then Carol and I have kept in touch via Facebook and having seen my ceramic work that I post, Carol asked me if I'd be interested in coming to a Fiber Festival at her farm and selling my wares! My answer was of course.. yes!

So during the two weeks I had before the event I busily worked on creating some Fiber friendly ceramic pieces and made some yarn bowls!

The name of the Fiber Fest was "Let's Get Naked" because its the time of year when you sheer the wool from your alpaca's so they don't get too hot with the warmer weather and so you can process their oh so soft wool! And of course... there were cute Alpacas at the event going from "Its so fluffy I could die!" coats to skinny and "naked"!

It was still pretty chilly so a lot of the shaved Alpacas wore these coats to help keep them warm until the weather gets a bit more consistent like it is now.

 That big fellow above is a Llama.
 Two of the Alpacas on Carol's farm had just had babies so there were these adorable little baby alpacas as well!

All in all it was a really fun event to have the opportunity to participate in! I was pleasantly surprised by my sales but even more so received a serious confidence boost in my creative abilities from all the compliments I received about my work and the many new contacts I made! I can't wait to do some more shows over the next year or so and see how my work sells in different venues and meet more creative and passionate artisans!

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