Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Tea Room Luncheon!

My mom and I are pretty close and we try to spend at least one Saturday a month doing a girl's day. 

Today, we went to Petersburg, just a skip down the road for us Richmonders and discovered a delightful city full of old brick, beautiful civil war era architecture and amazing antique shops!

And then, we discovered the most charming little Tea Room ever! I couldn't have imagined something more charming! This is seriously my new favorite place and I believe I will be taking many a girl friend to check it out with me!

 We ordered the Full Tea, which serves 2 and came with scones, a cup of the soup du jour, and a 3 tier selection of dainty sandwiches, canapes and sweets! 

 I was definitely cheating on my no gluten rule but it was worth it :) 

It was the perfect Saturday girl's day full of antique treasures, a bit of exploring the beautiful if somewhat forgotten city of Petersburg and finding such a charming place to have lunch!

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