Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Cute & Quaint Little Town of Gulfport!

So while in Florida, I also visited St. Petersburg. I prefer to drive and the bonus of driving is that I have the freedom to go beyond my primary destination. My grandmother resides for about 70% of the year in  St. Petersburg and the other 30% in NY at our family cabin during the summer. 

Within walking distance of my Gram's condo, like literally 3 blocks, is the beachy town of Gulfport!
I love visiting this little 1 street town and taking a stroll down the sidewalk on a 1st Friday or 3rd Saturday night when all the local artisans are out!

I happened to arrive at my Gram's on the afternoon of May 1st, so after a stop at my favorite clay shop we went to Gulfport for an evening stroll and some dinner. 

 Normally when I've been here in years past the sidewalks are lined for 4 blocks on both sides with vendor tents but because the forecast had been rain a lot of the vendors had apparently chosen not to come. 
 There were a few out though, the fella who had this abalone shell jewelry stand was quite the salesman, but I just looked. He actually had really reasonable prices with nothing being over $20 but I'm just not into this kind of stuff any more. But I do enjoy looking! :)

 If there was anything I'd have wanted to buy on the table.. it was the shell itself! Haha.
 Gulfport has a lot of great little eateries with pretty outdoor seating areas and this Italian restaurant had the prettiest flowers and bright yellow tuscan exterior. 
 There was even a little Yorkie King outside a local fro yo shop... I snapped a pic mainly because it made me miss Fritz, though he is much cuter that this guy!

 Despite the forecast for rain, it never did rain, in fact it was a gorgeous evening with a nice cool breeze from the ocean which is just behind that green building (the Gulfport Casino) at the end of the street!

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