Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beachy Chic Roomspiration!

I can't help but be drawn to beautiful shabby chic/ beachy chic places. Its like I have an internal compass for finding these places. And as much as I enjoy a walk through of a more typical place like Anthropology, I appreciate much more the small individually owned shops where I find equal if not sometimes better ideas! 
So of course while toodeling around St. George Street my 1st day in St. Augustine, I spotted a shop full of shabby chic beauty. Ironically all the things I would have bought in that shop were just display devices for the jewelry being sold.. but I snapped some pictures knowing I can file it away into my ideas folder for future spaces and DIY projects in my home!

 I LOVE how they used these big hemp ropes to create visual interest and texture and add a little ocean voyaging vibe! And of course the off white and oceany sea foam furniture!
I also loved all the beautifully shaped and sized glass bottles they had everywhere to display necklaces. 
And can we just talk about that white washed wood plank floor! Gorgeous! 

They also had some lovely abstract, richly hued paintings by a local artist that gave me some idea's for future paintings of my own! 

My apologies for the poor photo framing.. I was kind of taking quick snaps because it was one of those shops where I felt like I might get yelled at if they saw me taking pictures! 

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