Monday, May 13, 2013

Let's start at the very beginning, A very good place to start

Two weeks ago early on a Sunday morning, I hopped in my car and headed down I-95 South to St. Augustine, Florida! What made the trip extra fun and doable, was that my Aunt J who I was headed to visit had been up in Va to visit her daughter (my cousin) so we met up south of Richmond and road tripped it caravan style! 

After a 9 hour drive and an relaxing evening unwinding at her and my uncles very peaceful and comfortable home with some Dark & Stormies and good conversation out on their lanai, I spent my 1st full day in town exploring the touristy side of St. Augustine. 

Aunt J took me to St. George street and we wandered around in and out of over priced tourist trap shops while I happily snapped pictures of the beautiful Spanish influenced architecture and lush tropical greenery. It was also nice to just wander and get to reacquaint ourselves with one another since really the last time I'd gotten to just spend time with my Aunt was when I was still a kid!

I know I already posted a mini post about this day but thought I'd share a few more photos! The weather was gorgeous! Cool enough to feel comfortable in the sun and the slight humidity but with a taste of salty ocean mixed in.

 There were several time period pubs and taverns you could go to where you'd be served by waiters in colonial garb. Had I been 12 years old I'd have been all about stopping there for lunch! Haha.
 Instead we went to the Columbiana for lunch- this is their outdoor courtyard above. And had delicious melt in your mouth cuban bread (yes, i cheated and had a bit cuz it was so yummy) as well as a delicious salad that the are famous for called the 1905! 
Afterwards we strolled around for a bit longer. 
 There is so much beautiful wrought iron in St. Augustine. 

And then my Aunt and I split a small gelato since neither of us felt we could eat a whole one. We had limoncello sorbet and coconut milk gelato. It was delicious! And dairy free which for me is always a plus!

And a great way to start out my vacation!

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