Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thrifty Thursday- Saturday Morning Garage Sales and Tips!

Taking a break from my adventures in Florida for a Thrifty Thursday- Garage Sale share!

A few Saturdays ago back in April it was Yard Sale Day in my community! I had 30 minutes before I needed to be downtown to open the studio so I had a time limit which I really liked because it made me look more intentionally and not get stuck on the maybe's. If it was a maybe it was a pass. 

In 30 minutes of hopping around to about 10 neighborhoods in my community and about 15 separate garage sales, I spent $7 and found two great leather bags.

I've been using this messenger bag as my purse ever since and I seriously LOVE IT! It was my 1st find of the morning and cost $3!

I love garage sales! Its funny because for all the time I might spend one saturday morning perusing as many as I can I often walk away with nothing. And that is a GOOD thing! It means I'm not impulse buying but instead being thoughtful about what I'm purchasing. 
Does it really have a use? Will I actually use it? Do I have something similar to this that I am just not thinking of?

Garage sales are fun, but they are also a place where hoarders hang out. Not trying to be mean, just stating a fact. I'm sure you too have seen beat up old trucks with trailers packed to the gills with well worn furniture and other knick knacks hopping from sale to sale. There are a few of those regulars where I live. And thats cool, to each his own, but what I'm trying to say is that if you aren't intentional when you go garage sale-ing its easy to come home with buyers remorse. 
Its easy to impulse buy because its cheap and you want it right now and it won't be there tomorrow or even 30 minutes from now.
Its also easy to come home and look at your cache and think "I already have that" and "Why on earth did I think that would make a good DIY project!?"

I knew I'd be going to Florida in a few weeks so when I saw this leather duffle bag for $5 I knew I'd be able to put it to use! It was perfect for my 4 day mid-trip visit to St. Petersburg while in Florida a few weeks ago!

Have a plan. Much like thrift store shopping I set myself a budget. Budgets are your friend! My Garage Sale budget is the same as thrifting... $10-$20 depending on my cash flow for the month. In fact its the same money for both so really it $20 total for Garage Saling, Antiquing and Thrifting. Of course, if I find something great that's more than that and which I really need that's different but when its just for fun and to look... its a $20 max for the month budget! 

That may not seem like a lot but if you use it right $20, even $10 can go a long way! 

In 30 minutes of hopping around to about 10 neighborhoods in my community and about 15 separate garage sales, I spent $7 and found two great leather bags. Which left me $13 left to spend for the month. I used it pretty quickly because the next weekend, while hanging out with my friend Gillian, I got a Rusty old iron "S" from my favorite store in Ashland, Class & Trash on sale for $12! Score! 

Too bad they didn't have an "E" and an "H" cuz if they had I would have bought them and had SHE to hang up! But instead I'll keep looking for two other unique ones to create a fun collection!

Hope you picked up some tips! I'll be compiling these and more into a go-to list some time soon so if you have any questions or tips of your own please leave a comment and I'll add it to my list!

Happy Garage Sale-ing!

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