Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Waiting Game Paid Off!

So, now, I am not talking about the waiting game as in the waiting to meet Mr. Right. I'm still in the thick of that wait, but I am talking about waiting to find just the right (look & priced) wrought iron bed!

I know, you are like seriously? A bed? Why are you so strange Sarah!?

Seriously though, for the past 3 years I have really been wanting to get a real antique wrought iron bed. I'm a romantic, its true, so there is just something about the idea of a beautiful old bed that makes me happy. Not to mention feels like it would complete my collection (until I get a place of my own) of old and distressed furniture. 

So, over the past 3 years I have been looking. And I have found. A lot of beds actually. But some were just so expensive I couldn't even start dreaming and others just didn't have the "WOW" factor I wanted. My ideal bed was to be old, definitely pre 1950's and preferably very feminine with scrolling soft lines and details. 

I turned down many a bed I found through online searching and thrift and antique store shopping from VA to NY to AR to FL.  Mostly because if the price was right the bed itself wasn't and if the bed was right the price was just not comfortabley within my budget for a luxury purchase since I don't need this bed.. I just wanted it.

Then, this past Wednesday night I couldn't fall asleep. So I at 1am I got on my iPhone's craiglist app and started searching and I found what seemed to me the most unbelievable price. 

$25 for an antique fixer upper wrought iron Full size bed. Exactly what I was looking for. 

I called the next morning and amazingly, the guy still had it! Not wanting to miss out on this rare find I said I would come that day to pick it up and through the bribery of buying him both McDonald's breakfast and Chipotle lunch, dragged my brother along to help. We drove up to Crozet, Va and packed it into my little Hyundai Santa Fe. It just barely fit!

Now if I include the cost of gas to get  there & back and my brother's appetite, it really came to closer to $70 however that is still $70 less than the best finds I've had in the past and was considerably below my $125 budget.  Not to mention, once I sell my current bed I will end up making all of that back plus a but of a profit! So if you're in the market for a double bed frame I have a black metal sleigh bed to sell you! ;)

 Ironically, it is not the scrolling curvy lined one I had always imagined. However it does have beautiful scallop shell detailing where all the bars meet and since I have an overall aesthetic for beach shabby chic it felt like the perfect addition to my collection of furniture!
It has both a headboard (below) and footboard (above) along with the rails. And it is definitely rusty and paint chipping and needs some love but I'm never afraid of a little sweat equity to get something looking fabulously newly old!

And boy oh boy is it heavy! No doubt about it being a real wrought iron bed! I can't wait to show you how I clean it up and then transform it! But for now, I just couldn't wait til Thrifty Thursday to share my awesome find! 3 years of being picky about what exactly I wanted and was willing to pay for it really paid off! 

I'm hoping that means that really waiting and being selective about who I date will really pay off in the future too ;) Hehe!

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