Thursday, February 21, 2013

One Big Pot!

Sometimes you just don't want a lot of clean up. And for those nights, I make what I like to call "One Pot Meals". Not to mention since I got my purtty Dutch Ovens, I'll find just about any excuse to use them! 

That gorgeous orange ombre one on the left is my Le Chasseur that I bought when I was working retail last year for a few months at Tuesday Morning. With an additional %50 off its already clearance marked price and my %20 employee discount I got it for just $64! It retails for at least 4 times that much and is comparable to Le Creuset! My dad loved it! So when my mom and I were at an estate sale about a month later and found the pretty red one on the right never used (the price tag was still on the inside bottom of the pot) for just $20, we bought it! That way when I eventually move out, Dad will still have his own! Its Cuisinart brand but it still works great! It's a little smaller too so we use it more often unless we're cooking for more than 6 people. My orange one is HUGE! Honestly, its one of the largest sizes you can buy but you can roast a chicken in it! I figure down the road it'll be great for entertaining a large crowd with some tasty Couq Au Van or Superbowl Chili! 

All this goes to say, if you really want a nice cast iron enameled piece of cookware and can be patient and keep your eyes out, there is no reason to pay full price for this kind of cookware which normally runs anywhere between $300- $500! CRAZY! Embrace your inner bargain shopper and be on the lookout!

(Sigh) Oh the many delicious meals you beauties will contain! Not to mention the lovely pop of color they add to any kitchen!

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