Monday, February 25, 2013

Week in Review- Via Instagram

 I spent a large majority of my week M-F holed up in the house taking advantage of some really amazing and free (only if you watched it live) photography classes! It was a great refresher and actually more informative than any photography course I've ever had.. and between high school and college... I've taken my fair share! I am so excited to start putting all this new knowledge to use! So please contact me to schedule your shoot! February is almost over and that means my $30 for 30 price will be over soon too! Good thing is.. March will only be going up $10 and be $40 for a 30 min session with 25-30 images! 

Ok, so, this week I...
Found some nice leather shoes in Men's 13 for my Dad for $5 at Goodwill! And he loved them!
Went on lots of walks with Fritz during the breaks to get out of the house and stretch my legs.
Took lots of pictures of Fritz, he's just so darn cute!
Rediscovered my love of greek yogurt and cereal, together.
Did my hair up in Knotted Maiden braids which I'm kinda of obsessed with.. so of course I took a few selfies.
Bought some pretty flowers to brighten up the kitchen and bathrooms- pink tulips for the vanities!
Had a photo shoot with this gorgeous friend!
Finally got out of the house and into the studio to make some new state pendants!
Made a delicious of the most Sunday Dinner that will be posted as a recipe soon!
And added to my Elephant collection with a lovely porcelain piece my mom got me when she was in Tampa!

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