Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Landon & Leney: A Valentines Date Part 1

As you might have seen in my Sneak Peak post yesterday,  I shot a Valentine themed photo shoot this weekend. 

I've known Landon and Leney for about a year and a half now. Leney has been a great encourager  and cheerleader as I've set out on this unknown road of blogging, photography and an Etsy shop! She has answered many a question in the past 3 months! They also happen to be a very cute couple! So when I decided to branch my creative talents into photography which I've been doing for fun for over 7 years, I knew they were the couple to ask! Fortunately they were more than happy to help with my 30 for 30 campaign!! 

It was such a pleasure to hang out with Landon and Leney on Saturday afternoon and they were such good sports to go along with my creative vision for this shoot! I really wanted to tell a story with the images while also embracing L&L's style and personality as a couple. That story idea, as Leney can tell you changed several times as we chatted and texted back and forth about the upcoming shoot day. Fortunately on the day of all my ideas had settled and filtered down into one story to tell... an adventurous Valentines Date! 

There were a few awkward moments for them as they "acted out" my vision, but even those moments came out just how I had been imagining if not better!

Here is Part 1 of the lovely couple! Aren't they just the cutest!!? 

Part 2 of L&L's Valentines Date will be up on the blog later this week! 

In the mean time don't miss out on the great special I'm running this month! $30 for 30 minutes session + 25-30 images + 10 edits/ filters!! Contact me at sholljes@gmail.com or send me a message at SHEdesignswithgrace!

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