Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweet Valentine: Gillian & Michael

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of reconnecting with a wonderful friend from college who I had lost touch with! When Gillian saw my 30 for 30 that I started advertising last month she asked if I could take shots of her and her Valentine of 11 (I think) years and I was like YES! And we set a date.

They live up in Northern Virginia but drove all the way to Richmond just to have me take their pictures! (Hello, I'm super flattered!) And knowing that Mike proposed to Gillian at Maymont, I suggested that as the place for our shoot which Gillian seemed delighted with!

It was one of the prettiest days we'd had in a while what with all the dreary days of winter and while it was definitely blustery with the wind, the sun was shining! 
I tend to still doubt my self and my abilities behind the camera, even after having it attached to me for nearly 11 years so it is always really nice when God reminds me that he has given me this ability and has great plans for it! 
And let me just tell you, as I looked through Gillian and Michael's images as I uploaded them from the camera I almost wanted to cry! Not because I think I'm anything special, but because G&M are just such a beautiful couple and God gave me such an awesome opportunity to capture the beauty of their relationship! 

So Gillian and Michael.. I hope you two love birds have an especially happy and wonderful Valentine's Day celebrating life together and thank you so very very much for allowing me to capture the beautiful friendship of husband and wife that is between you two!