Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sadie: A Friend for Life

So yesterday, if you didn't happen to see it I featured one of my closest friends on the blog. And today.. I'm continuing on the subject of Sadie! 
This is the last photo shoot we did. There is a wintery one from somewhere in between the autumn one I posted yesterday and this spring one but I have been unable to locate the flash drive its on at present... so perhaps when I find it I'll do another Sadie post. 

I love these images because they really capture the blossoming friendship and trust Sadie and I were building at this point in our friendship. I remember I had gone to church Easter sunday and planned on basically being a bum the rest of the day when Miss Sadie called after getting back from her church and said something along the lines of "isn't it a gorgeous day for a photo shoot!?" to which I replied yes! and quickly got ready. Off we went to our now favorite spot for a Easter Sunday shoot! 

Now I, having the fascination with name's and their meanings that I do, looked up the definition/ meaning of Sadie's name yesterday. And was actually very pleasantly shocked and delighted to find out that Sadie is a branch off of Sarah and shares the Hebrew meaning of "princess". Seriously! It doesn't get more divinely matched than that! Personally, very much the way Sarah in "A Little Princess" says it, I believe all girls are princesses, particularly and unarguably in the eyes of God. But it is so befitting of my lovely friend Sadie. Sadie, who is quick to laugh, humble, puts others before herself.. particularly when they're just going on and on and on during a phone conversation (i.e. ME) and lives her life chasing after her Abba. 

This day that we went to the farm was GORGEOUS! Seriously, it was one of those cool spring days but just warm enough to be ok without a jacket, everything was just starting to turn lush: green grass, buds on the trees and the sky was clear blue. 

It was definitely a day that together as friends and sisters, we delighted in our Abba. 

Joyfully praising him in the open fields, brought our bibles to read some scripture, and danced barefoot as daughters of our King and Savior. 

 Sadie is one of those friends who makes me want to be more committed in my walk with Christ. She is an Iron sharpens Iron kind of friend. She sees me more the way Christ sees me than I do myself and shares those thoughts with me. Encourages me to pursue my dreams when I get discouraged, cries with me when I am hurting and isn't afraid to call me out when I need it. I am so very blessed by her friendship and grateful for it. And I can honestly say that I'm 99.99% sure the feeling is mutual and reciprocated from her end as well! 

I think we are past due on an up to date photo shoot Sadie! Don't you!? :)

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