Monday, February 11, 2013

Sadie: Getting To Know You

Today I am so delighted to feature one of my very dearest friends on the blog! 
Sadie and I met when I was a sophomore and she was a freshman at the University of Mary Washington and we were both involved at the BCM (Baptist Campus Ministries) but until my senior year we were always just friendly acquaintances each having our own friend groups that would occasionally co mingle. 
Then, in Fall of 09 we ended up living in the same university apartment building. In fact one of my apartment mates was in her friend group and vice versa! Sadie's apartment was directly above ours and it made for a lot of very fun nights when all of us girls would end up watching movies, baking something decadent and just enjoying those college days! 
Being in such close proximity allowed Sadie and I to get to know each other better especially because we had some things in common. We both loved God, we both had nice cameras and really liked taking pictures, we both had a mindset of not taking ourselves too seriously and laughing a lot and we both enjoyed a good long drive full of adventure! 

It has been almost 3 years since I graduated from college and almost 4 since Sadie and I started this great friendship. I could not ask for a kinder or more trustworthy friend and I am blessed daily to have her in my life.. even if its just a "like" on an instagram photo. 

The 1st time we ever went on an adventure together was in the autumn of 09. Sadie wanted to get some nice photos of herself to give to her mom as a Christmas present and I really wanted to check out this old  farm that was some sort of historical sight but because of its isolation had never gone by myself... it ended up becoming a favorite place to do photo shoots for us! 
Here are some photo's from that 1st photo shoot adventure!

More on the story of mine and Sadie's friendship along with another shoot with her will be up tomorrow! 

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