Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Dinner

We have company this weekend. And about a month ago we were at the farmer's market and my Dad purchased a 12 lb chicken. That's right, 12 lbs! And not a turkey, a chicken! Maybe for you folks who live further out in the country and have your own chickens or can easily get fresh farm raised chicken that doesn't seem like a big deal.. but being suburbanites who shop mainly at a grocery store.. that's unheard of! 

So naturally, we pulled it out to have with our guests. Good thing too cuz we still ended up with a ton of left overs and we fed 8 people! Our friends are Italian, so when we knew they were coming we asked them to bring their Kitchen Aid attachment for pasta to use on my Kitchen Aid mixer. So along with the giant roast chicken, we also had made from scratch pasta which our friends sons: Tom, Chris and Sylvester made! Both regular and gluten free! And I also made swiss chard sauteed with mushrooms and bacon.  Um.. YUM! 

No recipe with this tonight.. just thought I'd share what we had for our sunday dinner! And perhaps I'll post a recipe later this week but since I had a big crowd to cook for, I didn't snap any before or progress pictures.. just the end result.


  1. oh my gosh I should not be looking at these photos. Its making me so hungry!!!

    1. Haha, thanks for stopping by my little blog Wesley! I LOVE your Etsy shop! So many pretty vintage things!